In China, apparently, they are building the world’s biggest camera surveillance network. It will join the 170 million CCTV cameras already in place, with an additional 400 million new CCTV cameras to be installed over the next three years. Smile you are on Candid Camera! George Orwell’s 1984 was never this scary. Everywhere in the world, especially in the big cities, surveillance cameras are replacing real flesh and blood police men and women. The all-seeing electronic eyes are watching everything we do, as we go about our day to day lives. The art of surveillance is being reproduced like Andy Warhol’s soup cans everywhere you look.

China Taking AI to South East Asia

A large percentage of the cameras being employed in China and elsewhere are fitted with artificial intelligence (AI). Chinese surveillance technology companies are taking their gizmos and programs into South East Asia, with Yitu Technology an example in Malaysia. Yitu are supplying AI powered, wearable, facial recognition cameras to Malaysian police. Big Brother is watching you, wherever you live and wherever you go in the urban centres of Asia. Facial recognition technology has been developed to combat terrorism and crime. The world is fast becoming a smaller place, with fewer places left to hide.

Counter Surveillance

Peruse this site to check out a Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane based counter-surveillance organisation. Protecting yourself and your business from corporate espionage is now a very real and present danger. The Chinese investment in surveillance is huge by any standards and companies need to protect themselves from the reach of this high tech scanning. China is perceived by many western nations as a source for much of the illegal hacking taking place in cyberspace. Whether this is largely fact or fiction, where there is smoke there is, usually, fire.

Increased Monitoring on the Rise

Singapore is another nation described as an advanced surveillance state. Intelligence tapping of the internet is par for the course in this Asian city state. In Singapore the state has unfettered access to all of its citizen’s data. According to media reports in Singapore there has been no outcry against this level of monitoring. There seems to be less reaction against any invasion of privacy in Asia than in countries like Australia. However, the terrorism boogie man has citizens of most nations across the globe accepting greater levels of monitoring by security forces.