Staying Safe in Your Home

Government statistics show that each year at the least 10 people die from faulty electrics in their home. Another 750 are seriously injured. To prevent deaths and these unnecessary injuries, electricians have to work to certain criteria and comply with safety legislation. Landlords and homeowners are now being advised to engage an electrician as opposed to wanting to repair any electrical faults themselves. This may stop the injuries that happen on an annual basis and make certain that properties around the state are sound.

These defects can happen for a number of reasons; a botched DIY job, electrics which might be over 10 years of age and asking a PAL or spouse to really have a go at fixing electrical problems rather than choosing a professional. But how do you engage with the right organisations and know if an electrician is properly qualified?

In Melbourne, you can ask to see the qualifications of your electrician, they must carry their qualifications with them at all times when they are on the job.

You can use a great electrician in your area by taking our advice and by using MBE Electricians Melbourne. The electricians we use we know from experience have the abilities to tackle all types of jobs. So if you reside in Melbourne, you know who to use.

By using MBE, you have a record of good work plus the correct credentials.