The lure of Asian cuisine is on the rise. The popularity of cooking shows, series and segments on TV programs focused the spotlight on this life skill. It is a life skill that really needs to be taught because everybody eats. Everybody needs nourishment and everybody wants food to be tasty. Cooking is a fun way to relieve stress and can be a fun part of school holiday activities or after school activities for kids. For adults with children, this is a fun way to bond with them and introduce a few lessons along the way.

A recipe introduces basic steps and following procedures. Ingredients teach counting, measurements, basic cooking tools and even fine motor skills. When dealing with Asian cuisine, you get to acquaint with the different herbs and spices used in Asian cooking. There are a lot of them that are introduced or added on before cooking, while simmering, as a garnish and all in between. You would be surprised at what a single herb can do to your basic recipes.

Fun in the kitchen makes a child more susceptible to learning what is good for him to eat. A basic survival skill with the additional knowledge of knowing what goes in the food they eat. Teaching kids to cook broadens their love for food. They get to sample food they made and prepared. Even if they do not like vegetables initially, because they take pride in having a part in the preparation of the food, they will eat and partake of it. 

Preparing Asian recipes is quite interesting and action packed for those that have not seen it before. Most asian cooks eyeball their ingredients. A dash here, a pinch there. The mere scent emanating from the pot could tell them if it lacks or has too much salt. A typical Asian mom cooking will be working on more than one dish at a time and talks non-stop. Talk about multi tasking.

The lure of Asian cuisine is not just in what is added to recipes but also what is left out. Nothing. Almost nothing is thrown away. Pigs tail? Check. Chicken feet? Check. Each and every ingredient has a story to tell, and the cook weaves them all into one terrific meal.