Imagine you’ve had a troubling day at work or are stressed about an upcoming exam. You’ve just gotten home, a line of sweat dripping from your brow after a tedious gym session you had forced yourself to do, for the good of your health. You open the door, and you see the dull IKEA furniture sitting around your living room and your mood drops even more, until you walk into your bedroom, the aromatic oaky smell of your oriental furniture fills your nose, the neutral colours calm your mind.

A Relaxing Experience After a Stressful Day

As you sit down on the smooth cherry blossom embroidered armchair, you feel as if you are walking through the streets of a Japanese village, with pink cherry blossoms falling on your shoulders. Everything in your room reminds you of an Asian retreat. That Asian retreat that your friend had talked about for months, begging you to attend, which you unfortunately had to decline after seeing the hefty price tag. The flawless, yet durable, bedroom furniture, you’ve had for almost two years, makes your IKEA furniture look like the cardboard it really is. The richness of culture in every piece, is so unique, it makes me feel as if the furniture doesn’t just improve my bedroom but improves my outlook on life. This is how I feel about my Asian-styled bedroom furniture!

The Futon Bed & Tatami Mat

 The Futon bed, that elegantly sits in my room invites me to lay my head on the cushiony quilt, that rests upon it. Click here to see an example of Asian-styled bedroom furniture. I’m a very restless sleeper and tossing and turning is part of my nightly routine, so was falling off my bed, and awaking with nasty bruises over my body. I had never even heard of a futon mattress before, the Zen world of futons and tatami mats had never graced me with its tranquil restful night’s before. But when I heard about the graceful low to the floor futon’s, I was out shopping the next day. Hurriedly awaiting the peaceful night’s sleep that followed.

A Small Price for Such Relief

I had expected to pay a lot for a bed that would fix so many of my problems, but when I arrived at the beautifully adorned traditional Asian furniture store. I found that the futon and tatami mat weren’t as pricey as I had expected. Comparing it with the uncomfortable lumpy mattresses and bed frames elsewhere I had bought before, my world was enlightened that day. I also bought a beautifully detailed bedside table to sit next to my comfortable futon mattress and tatami mat. Having Oriental-styled furniture has really changed my life forever living a less cluttered life. This is how I feel about my Asian-styled bedroom furniture.