Healthy children equals happy children. Happiness, they say, is a state of mind. But the mind of a child is like a clean slate, and they are open to experiences. Healthy children equals happy children when they are free to do as they please, within limits. They become even happier when their needs are met. Basic ones, really, like food, shelter and clothes. Thinking constantly of something lacking can be enough for it to become a worry. When it interferes with your natural happy thoughts it can affect your health. When a child has worries, it manifests differently. They can become withdrawn, shy and timid. They can become anxious and depressed.

Children are naturally cheerful. They love discovering things and being physically active. Their natural enthusiasm is infectious and enviable. Their energy, more so. Being naturally active, they are bound to have scrapes, cuts and wounds. Good thing most kid-friendly areas in Sydney use soft fall rubber. This decreases the chances of serious injuries in half.

A child needs a proper diet, about eight to ten hours of sleep and exercise to be healthy. The activity they do depends on their interests and what is available for them. Friends and playmates contribute to their social well being as well as emotional health. Being with people increases their behavioural and cognitive functions. They become well versed in conversation, conflict resolution and interaction. This adds to a child’s sense of self, empathy and stability. Interaction helps a child discover more things about himself than being alone could. Frequent talks and expectation setting clear the way for dialogues that otherwise could become problems.

Healthy children have more chances of becoming a healthy adult. Avoiding such early health pitfalls as obesity and childhood diabetes. When properly given guidance, stimulated and encouraged they might deter a dependency on drugs or alcohol. Exercise or sports while addressing physical activity could also instill discipline and hard work. All these making sure that these healthy children equals happy children. Children that will become adults that will be a great contribution to society.