It could be justifiably argued that healing originated in the orient. There are so many healing modalities that had their beginnings in Asia. When I think of things like Shiatsu, Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Reiki, Ayurveda, Thai Foot Massage and so many more, it shows that Asia has been the spiritual home of healing on earth. TCM and Ayurveda are giant philosophical approaches to life and healing, with whole libraries of manuscripts written about their many strands. It would take several lifetimes to master any one of these pathways to healing and wellbeing.  Healing modalities in Asia are the stuff of mystery, history and inspiration.

The Spiritual Roots of Asian Healing

Many people are inspired by the spiritual roots of healing traditions in Asia. The mystical Zen healer or the inscrutable oriental man or woman of medicine can act as a leading light for those who wish to follow in their footsteps. Whether it be Tui Nai, Acupuncture or Herbal Medicine, which inspires you to learn a healing modality or something else altogether, the important point is to become a healer and to heal those who need your help. Some say that it is all about energy healing and that the modality itself is of no real concern, but training, in my view, is all important.

Osteopaths Heal Backs

See here for yourself a keen example of an osteopathic healer in Sydney. Osteopaths heal backs and joints, relieving the pain of spinal problems and their related conditions. Healing the sick and the unbalanced can be a rewarding vocational pathway. Life is not all about making money, it is a much richer cup of tea altogether. Ancient oriental healing arts have been helping human beings for millennia. Becoming a part of this timeless holistic network is a wonderful port of call. Whether you be a budding osteopath or Shiatsu massage therapist, you will be able to provide meaningful healing for those around you.

Eastern Healing More than Drugs

There is a connection, in my view, between the eastern way of being and the essence of healing. Western doctors are in the pockets of large pharmaceutical companies, prescribing their drugs as an answer for every condition. Not all conditions respond to pharmaceutical medications, especially ‘so-called’ chronic illnesses. Healing concerns more than just the physical flesh and bones, in my opinion. Doctors churning through dozens of patients, handing out scripts for pills willy nilly, is not true healing, in this writer’s view.