The quiet dunes are filled with the toughest of creatures that can survive the hot tempered weather and dry climate. It was conditions for the tough. People had asked me why I had chosen to go to the desert, I suppose it relaxed me somehow.  I guess you could say I have always been a bit of a loner, but to me the lack of life in the desert didn’t seem lonely to me, it was just freeing and inspiring. Of course, I hadn’t packed my bags with water and food and decided to hike the sandy dunes, I was city folk, I had purchased an open-top 4WD safari experience package. For me, there was still that release of being alone, until an unfortunate accident on safari in Dubai brought me harshly back to earth.

The Accident

The sound of the upbeat Arabic music filled my ears, as the driver, Muhammed, who was wearing traditional clothing, bopped along to the music. The wind blew my hair back, as I took in the sparse wildlife and foliage. I was now standing up, barely able to hold on, as the car sped up to 60km an hour atop the desert sands. This was it, what I had saved up for months, for. This extraordinary experience was amazing and slightly unreal. Then it happened, I felt as if my heart stopped, as my body flew out of the car. Luckily my shoe caught on the bar along the door of the 4WD and the driver saw me dangling above the desert sand, as we raced along. Muhammed slowed down, as soon as he could, just before my shoes ripped away from the bar and I fell head first into the sand. It had been such an unfortunate accident on this safari in Dubai.

Medical Care Compensation

I was dizzy, though, eyes wild, as I tried to get up. The driver quickly explained to me that was not a good idea, he frantically called, what I guessed were paramedics. He shared with me that they would be 20 minutes. My mind filled with so many thoughts, which I’m guessing are thoughts most people think of first. Would I die out here, as I looked around at the long horned majestic Oryx not too far away? I was scared, but then I thought of a fate much scarier, the cost of medical assistance in a foreign country. Would I be compensated for the sizeable cost of health care? Check out this site for an example of a brilliant compensation lawyer based in Adelaide.

Proper Travel Insurance is Vital

In the end, I realised, I should have had proper travel insurance, because I wasn’t a resident of Dubai, it wasn’t feasible for me to litigate for compensation against the safari company. It really was an unfortunate accident on safari in Dubai, because I have paid out a large sum of money for medical care, I will never forget the wide bare dunes of the deserts of Dubai.