There have been some incredible advances in security technology over the last couple of decades. The digital revolution has seen encryption come to the fore and bricks and mortar security replaced by a universe of binary codes and their ilk. The simple act of locking a door has become an electronic affair, with scanners and codes taking centre stage. Computers are to blame, I suppose, for the massive changes taking place in this sphere. We, as human beings have had to adapt to the technologies, we have created in so many areas of life and business.

A Cyber Security Challenged World

Information security is the buzz word or phrase on every cyber expert’s lips. Network security, cryptography, and software assurance are all terms that we must become more familiar with. In America, Girl Scouts of the USA offer a badge in cyber security, which tells us something about the new world we live in. In Australia, the government has opened a new cyber security centre to meet the challenges of this 21C scourge. The Russians are, seemingly, forever in the news in regard to President Donald Trump and hacking the Democratic National Committee. It can be clearly seen from these few examples that we live in a cyber security challenged world.

New Security Measures to Take You Forward

Click here for more to see a Sydney based locksmith meeting the challenges of the new security paradigm. New technology like the digital access control system is a superior method of controlling who goes where at your facility or establishment. It can afford a continuous record of who accesses what and for what duration. No more hassles with key rings and lost keys. It is a great means of keeping unwanted visitors out of areas, which are off-limits. It can empower the owner with the control, as to which staff have access to particular parts of the operation. It can, also, streamline access across multiple facilities. It means that you can put time limits on access, as well. Some say, it is the future made now.

New Technologies Are a One-Way Street

Advances in security technology are rapidly changing the world we live in. There is little choice in reality, as to whether you embrace these changes or not. We cannot hide our heads in the sand. The technology is a one-way street, for better or worse. As the characters in Star Wars often say, “May the force be with you.”