Advances in Security Technology

There have been some incredible advances in security technology over the last couple of decades. The digital revolution has seen encryption come to the fore and bricks and mortar security replaced by a universe of binary codes and their ilk. The simple act of locking a door has become an electronic affair, with scanners and codes taking centre stage. Computers are to blame, I suppose, for the massive changes taking place in this sphere. We, as human beings have had to adapt to the technologies, we have created in so many areas of life and business.

A Cyber Security Challenged World

Information security is the buzz word or phrase on every cyber expert’s lips. Network security, cryptography, and software assurance are all terms that we must become more familiar with. In America, Girl Scouts of the USA offer a badge in cyber security, which tells us something about the new world we live in. In Australia, the government has opened a new cyber security centre to meet the challenges of this 21C scourge. The Russians are, seemingly, forever in the news in regard to President Donald Trump and hacking the Democratic National Committee. It can be clearly seen from these few examples that we live in a cyber security challenged world.

New Security Measures to Take You Forward

Click here for more to see a Sydney based locksmith meeting the challenges of the new security paradigm. New technology like the digital access control system is a superior method of controlling who goes where at your facility or establishment. It can afford a continuous record of who accesses what and for what duration. No more hassles with key rings and lost keys. It is a great means of keeping unwanted visitors out of areas, which are off-limits. It can empower the owner with the control, as to which staff have access to particular parts of the operation. It can, also, streamline access across multiple facilities. It means that you can put time limits on access, as well. Some say, it is the future made now.

New Technologies Are a One-Way Street

Advances in security technology are rapidly changing the world we live in. There is little choice in reality, as to whether you embrace these changes or not. We cannot hide our heads in the sand. The technology is a one-way street, for better or worse. As the characters in Star Wars often say, “May the force be with you.”

An Unfortunate Accident on Safari in Dubai

The quiet dunes are filled with the toughest of creatures that can survive the hot tempered weather and dry climate. It was conditions for the tough. People had asked me why I had chosen to go to the desert, I suppose it relaxed me somehow.  I guess you could say I have always been a bit of a loner, but to me the lack of life in the desert didn’t seem lonely to me, it was just freeing and inspiring. Of course, I hadn’t packed my bags with water and food and decided to hike the sandy dunes, I was city folk, I had purchased an open-top 4WD safari experience package. For me, there was still that release of being alone, until an unfortunate accident on safari in Dubai brought me harshly back to earth.

The Accident

The sound of the upbeat Arabic music filled my ears, as the driver, Muhammed, who was wearing traditional clothing, bopped along to the music. The wind blew my hair back, as I took in the sparse wildlife and foliage. I was now standing up, barely able to hold on, as the car sped up to 60km an hour atop the desert sands. This was it, what I had saved up for months, for. This extraordinary experience was amazing and slightly unreal. Then it happened, I felt as if my heart stopped, as my body flew out of the car. Luckily my shoe caught on the bar along the door of the 4WD and the driver saw me dangling above the desert sand, as we raced along. Muhammed slowed down, as soon as he could, just before my shoes ripped away from the bar and I fell head first into the sand. It had been such an unfortunate accident on this safari in Dubai.

Medical Care Compensation

I was dizzy, though, eyes wild, as I tried to get up. The driver quickly explained to me that was not a good idea, he frantically called, what I guessed were paramedics. He shared with me that they would be 20 minutes. My mind filled with so many thoughts, which I’m guessing are thoughts most people think of first. Would I die out here, as I looked around at the long horned majestic Oryx not too far away? I was scared, but then I thought of a fate much scarier, the cost of medical assistance in a foreign country. Would I be compensated for the sizeable cost of health care? Check out this site for an example of a brilliant compensation lawyer based in Adelaide.

Proper Travel Insurance is Vital

In the end, I realised, I should have had proper travel insurance, because I wasn’t a resident of Dubai, it wasn’t feasible for me to litigate for compensation against the safari company. It really was an unfortunate accident on safari in Dubai, because I have paid out a large sum of money for medical care, I will never forget the wide bare dunes of the deserts of Dubai.

Black Teeth: A Thing of the Past

Japanese women used to blacken their teeth and shave off their eye brows post marriage, prior to the mid nineteenth century. Ohagaru was practiced up until the Meiji era. It is interesting to view this custom through the lens of our current 21C obsession with very white teeth. Some see this as further evidence of the control and denigration of the human rights of Japanese women in their traditional society, whilst others disagree with this conclusion. Early western anthropologists described ohagaru as an abhorrent custom, which disfigured women. The custom was, also, practiced in parts of China by particular minority groups.

A Mark of Girls Coming of Age in Asia

It is recorded in the seventeenth century by Spanish colonial officials that this practice, also, occurred in the Philippines. Other countries where the black teeth regime for women was practiced were Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, India, and various Pacific Islands. It was a ritualistic mark of girls coming of age as women in parts of Asia for millennia. Its social function was involved in the determination of the status of women within these societies. The obvious result to western eyes was to make the married woman less attractive to those who observed her. This, however, was not the case in traditional Japanese society, where it was a sign of sexual maturity and beauty.

Black & White Issues

The black and white polarity plays out throughout humanity’s many interests and values. White teeth are considered today to be a mark of youth, beauty and purity. Movie stars in Hollywood are signposted by their gleaming chompers on screen, no matter what type of character they may be portraying. Dentists are making a fortune from our current obsession with white teeth as an aesthetic imperative. Click here for more to see an example of a modern dental practice philosophical approach to dentistry in the 21C.

Blackening Agents

In Vietnam, Si La men painted their teeth red and the women theirs’ black. The interesting thing about this practice is that the blackening agents used, often, protected their teeth and enamel from decay. In Japan, they utilised iron filings in vinegar with some vegetable tannins to create the blackening agent. The agent needed to be applied daily or every few days to maintain the effect. In India they employed a mixture of iron and copper sulphate with vegetable tannins, such as myrobalans. Islamic cultures, also, employed the teeth blackening ritual as part of the female sexual cycle. Prostitutes had black teeth to symbolise their sexual maturity.

Healing Modalities in Asia

It could be justifiably argued that healing originated in the orient. There are so many healing modalities that had their beginnings in Asia. When I think of things like Shiatsu, Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Reiki, Ayurveda, Thai Foot Massage and so many more, it shows that Asia has been the spiritual home of healing on earth. TCM and Ayurveda are giant philosophical approaches to life and healing, with whole libraries of manuscripts written about their many strands. It would take several lifetimes to master any one of these pathways to healing and wellbeing.  Healing modalities in Asia are the stuff of mystery, history and inspiration.

The Spiritual Roots of Asian Healing

Many people are inspired by the spiritual roots of healing traditions in Asia. The mystical Zen healer or the inscrutable oriental man or woman of medicine can act as a leading light for those who wish to follow in their footsteps. Whether it be Tui Nai, Acupuncture or Herbal Medicine, which inspires you to learn a healing modality or something else altogether, the important point is to become a healer and to heal those who need your help. Some say that it is all about energy healing and that the modality itself is of no real concern, but training, in my view, is all important.

Osteopaths Heal Backs

See here for yourself a keen example of an osteopathic healer in Sydney. Osteopaths heal backs and joints, relieving the pain of spinal problems and their related conditions. Healing the sick and the unbalanced can be a rewarding vocational pathway. Life is not all about making money, it is a much richer cup of tea altogether. Ancient oriental healing arts have been helping human beings for millennia. Becoming a part of this timeless holistic network is a wonderful port of call. Whether you be a budding osteopath or Shiatsu massage therapist, you will be able to provide meaningful healing for those around you.

Eastern Healing More than Drugs

There is a connection, in my view, between the eastern way of being and the essence of healing. Western doctors are in the pockets of large pharmaceutical companies, prescribing their drugs as an answer for every condition. Not all conditions respond to pharmaceutical medications, especially ‘so-called’ chronic illnesses. Healing concerns more than just the physical flesh and bones, in my opinion. Doctors churning through dozens of patients, handing out scripts for pills willy nilly, is not true healing, in this writer’s view.

The Art of Surveillance

In China, apparently, they are building the world’s biggest camera surveillance network. It will join the 170 million CCTV cameras already in place, with an additional 400 million new CCTV cameras to be installed over the next three years. Smile you are on Candid Camera! George Orwell’s 1984 was never this scary. Everywhere in the world, especially in the big cities, surveillance cameras are replacing real flesh and blood police men and women. The all-seeing electronic eyes are watching everything we do, as we go about our day to day lives. The art of surveillance is being reproduced like Andy Warhol’s soup cans everywhere you look.

China Taking AI to South East Asia

A large percentage of the cameras being employed in China and elsewhere are fitted with artificial intelligence (AI). Chinese surveillance technology companies are taking their gizmos and programs into South East Asia, with Yitu Technology an example in Malaysia. Yitu are supplying AI powered, wearable, facial recognition cameras to Malaysian police. Big Brother is watching you, wherever you live and wherever you go in the urban centres of Asia. Facial recognition technology has been developed to combat terrorism and crime. The world is fast becoming a smaller place, with fewer places left to hide.

Counter Surveillance

Peruse this site to check out a Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane based counter-surveillance organisation. Protecting yourself and your business from corporate espionage is now a very real and present danger. The Chinese investment in surveillance is huge by any standards and companies need to protect themselves from the reach of this high tech scanning. China is perceived by many western nations as a source for much of the illegal hacking taking place in cyberspace. Whether this is largely fact or fiction, where there is smoke there is, usually, fire.

Increased Monitoring on the Rise

Singapore is another nation described as an advanced surveillance state. Intelligence tapping of the internet is par for the course in this Asian city state. In Singapore the state has unfettered access to all of its citizen’s data. According to media reports in Singapore there has been no outcry against this level of monitoring. There seems to be less reaction against any invasion of privacy in Asia than in countries like Australia. However, the terrorism boogie man has citizens of most nations across the globe accepting greater levels of monitoring by security forces.

How I Feel About my Asian-Styled Bedroom Furniture

Imagine you’ve had a troubling day at work or are stressed about an upcoming exam. You’ve just gotten home, a line of sweat dripping from your brow after a tedious gym session you had forced yourself to do, for the good of your health. You open the door, and you see the dull IKEA furniture sitting around your living room and your mood drops even more, until you walk into your bedroom, the aromatic oaky smell of your oriental furniture fills your nose, the neutral colours calm your mind.

A Relaxing Experience After a Stressful Day

As you sit down on the smooth cherry blossom embroidered armchair, you feel as if you are walking through the streets of a Japanese village, with pink cherry blossoms falling on your shoulders. Everything in your room reminds you of an Asian retreat. That Asian retreat that your friend had talked about for months, begging you to attend, which you unfortunately had to decline after seeing the hefty price tag. The flawless, yet durable, bedroom furniture, you’ve had for almost two years, makes your IKEA furniture look like the cardboard it really is. The richness of culture in every piece, is so unique, it makes me feel as if the furniture doesn’t just improve my bedroom but improves my outlook on life. This is how I feel about my Asian-styled bedroom furniture!

The Futon Bed & Tatami Mat

 The Futon bed, that elegantly sits in my room invites me to lay my head on the cushiony quilt, that rests upon it. Click here to see an example of Asian-styled bedroom furniture. I’m a very restless sleeper and tossing and turning is part of my nightly routine, so was falling off my bed, and awaking with nasty bruises over my body. I had never even heard of a futon mattress before, the Zen world of futons and tatami mats had never graced me with its tranquil restful night’s before. But when I heard about the graceful low to the floor futon’s, I was out shopping the next day. Hurriedly awaiting the peaceful night’s sleep that followed.

A Small Price for Such Relief

I had expected to pay a lot for a bed that would fix so many of my problems, but when I arrived at the beautifully adorned traditional Asian furniture store. I found that the futon and tatami mat weren’t as pricey as I had expected. Comparing it with the uncomfortable lumpy mattresses and bed frames elsewhere I had bought before, my world was enlightened that day. I also bought a beautifully detailed bedside table to sit next to my comfortable futon mattress and tatami mat. Having Oriental-styled furniture has really changed my life forever living a less cluttered life. This is how I feel about my Asian-styled bedroom furniture.

Cooking with Gas Asian Style

Asian food, in the main, is best served with a responsive heat element for cooking. Woking is all about that flame heating the iron wok and the sizzle you get inside. This is the only way to get that perfect crisp vegetable texture in your plated dishes. Cooking with gas: Asian style is the smart approach to home cooking with authenticity. I always remember watching the Thai line cooks in my local Thai restaurant wearing gas masks to prevent damage from the chilli smoke rising up from the woks. It was a powerful image that has stayed with me for years.

Woking at Home

Kitchens are today being built with special wok burners on the stove top units for those who wok a lot around the clock. There is a growing trend in kitchen renovations to bring the features, usually found in commercial kitchens into domestic situations. I imagine it is all those reality TV cooking shows, which have stimulated this demand for more sophisticated kitchens in the 21C. Now, you can cook up a storm in your domestic abode, just like a restaurant. Fantastic Asian dishes can be reproduced at home for the eating pleasure of your family and friends.

A Great Asian Style Kitchen at Home

Check this site out for some keen examples of kitchen makeovers in Sydney. There is an almost limitless selection of styles and features available. A great kitchen is a great help for the passionate home cook. Having the well-designed space and amenities in which to ply your craft makes things easier when cooking the special dishes, you desire. Cooking with gas: Asian style is now a breeze at home when you have the right kitchen to make it happen. Life is too short to put up with second best for too long. If you love cooking, you deserve the best kitchen available.

Enjoy Yummy Asian Food

Good food and eating is not that hard to achieve, when you have the right infrastructure in place. Too many people struggle with poorly designed kitchens, when they don’t have to. A new kitchen will not cost the earth and it will deliver exceptional results, when you rattle the pans and wok on. You will be serving up sublime meals before you can say Singapore Noodles. Delicious dishes dripping with flavour. Sesame oil, kaffir lime leaves, chilli, garlic, ginger, fresh basil, onion, fish sauce, bok choy, prawns, pork loin, and finish with sweet soy sauce.